#1 Herniated Disc
Dear Dr. Hume
   Thank you for giving me back my life! When I walked (hobbled, to be more precise) into your office for the first time in mid November of last year, I couldn't lift my leg over the riser without help. I had been in debilitating pain from my lower back for weeks. My right leg and foot were numb and I hadn't slept in a bed for over 6 weeks. I could only take a few steps at a time with the aid of a walker. I could sleep for only a few minutes at a time, in a straightback chair, before the pain would wake me. Vicodan did little to dull the pain, and my M.D. offered me nothing but possible surgery and a life of being narcotized.
   In desperation, I "surfed the web" under back pain and found a web site from the Harvard School of Medicine. The site was more than 20 pages of research papers and clinical studies. The conclusion from all of this information was that 98% of all "herniated discs" responded best to conservative treatment, including chiropractic.
   With a glimmer of hope, I made an appointment with a chiropractor who's treatment was torture. I nearly passed out from the added pain he caused. Still desperate for help, I read the yellow pages and found your ad. I called you on a Sunday afternoon and your kindness and concern buoyed me until the following day, my first appointment date. I will never forget your words. After my examination you explained everything that was causing my pain and said that as serious as it was, everything was treatable! You outlined what was ahead of me and told me how my family and I would be partners in the treatment. You explained to my husband what activities I absolutely could not do for awhile.
   Your first treatment was an extraordinary contrast to what I had experienced from the other chiropractor. Your treatments were gentle and caused no added pain. Within a week I no longer needed pain medication and I could sleep for up to 4 hours at a time. I followed your exercise program, kept my appointments for treatment, and by Christmas, I was fully able to participate in the holidays with my family.
    A few weeks ago, another patient of yours saw me for the first time since that first day and was amazed at how well I was doing. She said that she didn't believe anything could have helped me from the extreme pain I had been in. Now, when I see patients come into your office for the first time with that desperate look in their eyes from unrelenting pain, I want to reach out, touch them and say, "You are about to experience a miracle!"
With deepest gratitude,

#2 Low Back and leg pain
I Am Feeling Great !
    The pain stretched across my entire right leg whenever I took a step; I figured it would fade as time marched on. Several months and dozens of bottles of aspirin later, I could barely move it. That is when I called Dr. Hume.
    She explained to me that the epic center of the injury was not in my leg, but lower back, and the original injury occurred sometime ago. She continued to explain that the body would do its best to heal the damage as well as relieve the pain. Unfortunately, the original damage was too severe, so instead of the body naturally healing the problem, it merely temporarily relieved the pain. Consequently, through the years, the minor injury in my lower back evolved into a dislocated hip, a contracted hamstring, some ruptured muscles in the buttocks and a pinched nerve in my pelvis. Although what she had explained to me made perfect sense, I was more concerned if I would recover from the injury.
    I was relieved when she told me that there was a good possibility that she could help me. Her treatments were gentle, and I was able to engage in full physical activity in less than three months of treatment. Furthermore, I was able to continue working during the full process of treatment. If I would have opted to have surgery, I would have missed at least one month of work, and at age thirty five-- possibly--not have been able to make a full recovery.
    Currently, I work out regularly and partake in physical activities like skiing, rock climbing and backpacking. More importantly, I am FEELING GREAT, and I owe it to Dr. Hume.
John Swanson

#3 Neck and Back Injury
After my neck and back injury, I was in so much pain I could barely move, much less walk or function normally.
I had never been to a chiropractor before and was not sure what I was getting into, but I was desperate. I was referred to Dr. Gail Hume and immediately began treatment after the initial examination and x-rays.
It took several months to recover, but Dr. Hume got me there with her adjustments, procedures, exercises, and instructions. Now, whenever I have a neck or back problem or pain, I call Dr. Hume first before doing anything else.

#4 Chronic Whiplash, trembling in hands
My husband and I have been with Dr. Hume for several years now. Thanks to her we both are 100% better and healthier than we have been in a long time.
She was recommended to us by a friend. We both have suffered whiplash years before that was not found by other doctors and compounded this with other injuries, so she had a lot to fix.
She relieved my husband's trembling in his hands and arm so he can fly hang gliders without pain now. For myself, she has given me a new back and neck without pain.
We call her for everything. We know we can trust her to give us the best care possible from helping us herself or sending us to another doctor for help. If you need a really good doctor, see Dr. Hume.
Ted and SaLena Hill

#5 Neck Pain and Knee Injury
When I first visited Dr. Hume, I hadn't been able to turn my head to the left for over a year. I could scarcely believe how soon it was before full range of movement was restored! Many years later, when I had difficulty recovering from knee injuries, I had full confidence in trusting Dr. Hume to help me complete my recovery. Again, in a few short weeks, she helped me to a level of recovery my other doctors had been unable to achieve.
I especially enjoy Dr. Hume's enthusiasm, her highly personalized care, and her thoroughness in helping her patients to understand what's happening to their bodies. She takes the whole person into account when she treats you, not just the isolated body part that hurts!

#6 Low Back stiffness, tennis elbow, knee, shoulder problems
    When I was first referred to Dr. Gail Hume, little did I know in how many ways she would help me.
    My objective at the time was to relieve a chronically stiff lower back, which I thought was caused simply by too much sitting during years of secretarial jobs. To my surprise, the problem was much deeper -- a couple of locked vertebrae, which in turn caused some tissue and muscle problems. Over the next several months Dr. Hume was able to free the vertebrae, and with the exercises she gave me to do, I was able to heal the entire area. Much to my delight!
    During the course of this treatment, I happened to mention a pesky condition I had treated several times with little luck -tennis elbow in both forearms. So Dr. Hume went to work on that too. The result was a miracle! Just a "simple" massaging of just the right place, coupled with adjusting the joint, was all it took. Just that, after expensive physical therapy and three cortisone shots all had proven marginally effective. The best part of it is knowing I NEVER have to have tennis elbow again, because it will always be nipped in the bud if it flares up.
    Again during treatment, I conversationally mentioned that my left knee sometimes clicked and felt strained. So while we were at it, we healed that too with adjustments, massaging and exercises. By the way, I have become quite "sold" on hatha yoga as a self-therapy to support Dr. Hume's expert care.
    Well, by now I am on a roll so it finally dawned on me to mention my right shoulder which has been chronically stiff for 10 years. I thought I had had bursitis years ago during a time when I was financially unable to treat it and had permanently lost some range of motion, But again, I was in for a surprise. Dr. Hume found no evidence of bursitis, but it seemed that the shoulder had been dislocated and had been unable to heal by itself. So after 10 years of discomfort, that too is receiving some long deserved attention. Based on her track record, I have no doubt that Dr. Hume will have the shoulder as good as new.
    I have received a hundred times more than I initially set out to achieve -- I have a whole new body. Please, Dr. Hume don't move back to Canada!

#7 Hand and Shoulder Pain
When I came to see Dr. Hume for the first time, I had been suffering from pain in my right hand and shoulder for sometime. I had been told by the Chiropractor treating me at that time, I should consider having a Rheumatoid Arthritis test done. Needless to say, I left his office in dismay.
Fortunately for me, I found Dr. Hume. After one year of treatment with Dr. Hume, I have found out what it is like to be without pain again.
Thank you Dr. Hume for your tender loving care!
Priscilla Fierro

#8 Upper Back Pain, Whiplash
Three years ago, highly disillusioned after having seen three different chiropractors in the past, I was blessed find Dr. Hume. I called her office and asked her friendly receptionist, Grace, some questions pertinent to my problem. Grace asked me to hold on, and much to my surprise, Dr. Hume took the phone to answer my calls personally.
I started to see her right away and was surprised at the gentleness of her manipulations and her concern for my comfort. Within three weeks my upper back pain was greatly relieved. I was optimistic and excited about becoming pain-free for the first time in over three years.
Right at that point in time, I was rear-ended while sitting at a stop light. There followed two years of severe back and neck pain. Had it not been for Dr. Hume's gentle treatments, her compassion, and patience, I've often wondered how I would of survived that period of time. I still have some residual pain from the accident and continue to see Dr. Hume. Right now she keeps me in adjustment and is guiding me through some exercises to strengthen my back.

#9 Neck Pain, Shoulder stiffness
Many years I tolerated with neck pains and stiffness in my shoulders. I only tried acupuncture, not helping at all! My fingers flipped through the yellow pages, running into Dr. Hume's. Leery of Chiropractors, I gave her a try. Four years later, I have all faith in her.

#10 Headaches, foot pain
Dear Dr. Hume,
    I want to thank you for all your work to help my tension headaches! I went to several doctors who gave me strong drugs. The drugs only made the problem worse. I went for months with one continuous headache.
    After a few weeks under your treatment, my headaches slowly went away. I started to look forward to the sunny days again.
    It is a pleasure to be able to sleep comfortably again.
    I also want to thank you for your work on my feet. After years of pain because I did not want my feet operated on, you helped relieve this. I often take my shoes off to show people how you straightened my toes.
Thank you again,

#11 Back Pain
Dear Dr. Hume,
    Thank you for the considerate care I have experienced at your office.
    This is a tale of how "curiosity saved the cat."
    Several months ago I "pulled" my back and wondered if there could be more than strained muscles involved. Having heard your presentation at a business meeting, I thought I'd call you.
    I found that your exam was thorough and gentle. To my surprise, you found an old injury in my neck that, if untreated, could become arthritic eventually.
    It looks like an annual checkup with Dr. Hume should become part of my health program.
    See you in a few months for the follow-up!

#12 Muscle Pain, swayback, Medical Misdiagnosis
    I first came to Dr. Hume as the result of a referral from a very satisfied patient. I had been in so much pain for so many years that my body thought pain was normal! My muscles had locked in resistance to the pain.
    With my first visit I felt measurable relief. With subsequent visits the pain has continued to lessen and my muscles, particularly in my neck, have begun to relax, greatly increasing my range of motion.
    Dr. Hume has helped in other ways too. Having suffered from swayback all my life, I thought it was a permanent position. Dr. Hume's personally prescribed exercises made an immediate difference that I could feel and see. Then there was that jammed finger...
    I like being a participant in my healing and I like to know what's going on with my body. Unlike many others in the medical profession - Dr. Hume does not have a "God complex." She's more like your guardian angel. You make the choices and she's there when you need her.
    Three months after my daughter was in a car accident, Dr. Hume was able to discover the source of her continuing chest pain - a 2"-3" break in her sternum! - that had gone undiagnosed and ignored by other doctors despite repeated visits.
    If you're seeking a warm and caring, highly competent Chiropractor - you can't do better than Dr. Gail Hume. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

#13 Foot Pain
What a Difference Dr. Hume Makes!
    For the past 10 years, I've seen many doctors to correct the problem with my feet. All the doctors were not be able to help me.
    My feet were so bad, at times, it felt as if someone had taken a hammer and broke every bone in my feet. Every step made me want it to be my last step for the day.
    My son, who was seeing Dr. Hume at the time, told me I should give her a call. So I did. As of now, I've seen Dr. Hume about 8 to 10 times or so. She has improved the feeling in my feet by about 80%.
    I must say, thank you to Dr. Hume, for she has improved my outlook on life with every step I take. Hail to Dr. Hume! She is one Dr. who takes her asth for its true meaning; as most doctors couldn't care less, but only to "see the next patient, please."
Thanks you, Dr. Humel
Ever so sincerely,
Gary Soulia