Featured Problems

Herniated Disc
Disc problems can usually be relieved without surgery. Unfortunately, more than 40% of those who get low back surgery don't attain their desired outcome. Some are even in worse condition following surgery.
Arthritis responds very well to gentle Chiropractic treatment and nutritional modifications. Both the autoimmune conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the wear and tear condition, Osteoarthritis, are helped.
Whiplash Injuries
Dr. Hume has had extensive postgraduate training diagnosing and treating Whiplash injuries, including Advanced Certification of Competency in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

How We Work

  • Examination

    Your first appointment will last one hour and will include a thorough neurological, orthopedic, and physical examination to assess your condition and its prognosis with Chiropractic treatment. Dr. Hume will discuss her findings, recommendations, and answer any questions.
  • Treatment

    If Dr. Hume can't help you, she will promptly tell you. If she can help you, you will then have an opportunity to decide whether you want to start treatment. Frequency of treatment is based on your condition and all treatment is focused on expeditious and long lasting recovery.