Our Mission

To understand our mission, some background information about Dr. Hume is helpful.

In high school, Dr. Hume received a full four year academic scholarship for university which included the cost of books. She could literally choose any field of study but could not decide on anything. She was living in an old house with very steep stairs and one day she slipped on the top stair and fell, hitting her bottom on each step all the way down.

A few weeks later she experienced a very bad headache which would not go away with any medication or treatment. Her friend finally convinced her to see a Chiropractor. Her headache was gone immediately following the treatment, while she was still lying on the Chiropractic table. Realizing how satisfying it would be to be able to help people when no one else could, she immediately asked the doctor about becoming a Chiropractor.

Dr. Hume's mission is to advance health and vitality as the state of being for all human beings and to be a powerful conduit for joy, healing, and love.

The values that are at the heart of who she is are:

  • Integrity (the state of being whole and complete, and of honoring one's word as oneself)
  • Self expression (the freedom to be, to give oneself fully to all of life)
  • Responsibility (to be consciously the cause in one's own life)
  • Unconditional love (recognizing the complete and whole person in everyone)

Dr. Hume's mission is that you are empowered to create your optimal level of health. This may be:

  • Being out of pain
  • Being able to do the activities you enjoy or must do
  • Looking and feeling healthy
  • Preventing future health problems from occurring
  • Being able to talk with your doctors to get the information you need to make good choices
  • Excelling at sports or other activities
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Experiencing an unprecedented level of health and vitality